Seamless shorts

On preorder, Shipped from Korea within approx. 2-3 weeks

Preorder period: 30 SEP - 2 OCT
Delivery starts at 17 OCT
Smooth fabric, gentle on the skin, and absolutely comfortable. If you've been looking for daily mid-rise underwear that is both seamless and doesn't show through the layers, I'd recommend this high-quality seamless shorts. I'm so glad that I can finally find the great product for you(I've been requesting about good underwear from many customers:))


M: Hip 85cm
L: Hip 90cm(Model size)
XL: Hip 95cm
XXL: Hip 100cm 
Composition:  Nylon, Spandex
Thickness: Thick/ Moderate/ Thin  

Care: Hand wash cold

Model size: 160cm/ Top S/ Bottom M
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