Cropped Leggings slacks

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Made from a unique blend of spandex, these stylish slacks feel just as comfortable as leggings! It features a line on the front and ends with a slit at the bottom, making your leg-line look slimmer.

The Cropped leggings slacks also feature a wide waistband for extra comfort and practical pockets - definitely a must-try!



Waist: 30~33cm
Hip: 38cm
Length: 89cm
Waist: 31.5~34.5cm
Hip: 41~47cm
Length: 90.5cm
Waist: 33~36cm
Hip: 45~51cm
Length: 92cm
Composition: Polyester, Spandex
Thickness: Thick/ Moderate/ Thin  

Care: Hand wash cold

Model size: 160cm/ Top S/ Bottom M( Wearing M size here)

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